Photography with Style


I do not charge for my drive time, time at the shoot or editing. You only pay for the LIVE Images you need !

Just get me a photo pass and a couple tickets for the show.

For all  LIVE Images taken at your show then put on DVD  $275.00  (150-400 images) 

Veiw and Pick your best Live Images from the show then put on DVD =

1 image -$25.00,  5 images -$100.00,            10 images -$150.00  or  20 images -$215.00 

Band Portrait for CD or Promo  $150.00       *all images are edited and and ready for print.

All LIVE Images are copywrite 2012 By Erik VanVelzen of VVP, (808) 292-0163

Waterhouse copywrite 2012 Live Images